Security, trades and general services training and jobs in Derry

Security, trades and general services jobs in Derry may be available to skilled and unskilled applicants, depending on the type of position on offer. However training is essential for those working in roles of this type, which may be provided by the employer or can be attained independently.

Those seeking trades jobs in Derry will of course require training in their field. Apprenticeships and courses are available which can provide unskilled individuals with the training and experience they need to work in their chosen trade. For example those who wish to become plumbers can avail of apprenticeship courses which involve considerable on-the-job training, coupled with classroom teaching located in local community colleges and vocational schools. Further information on plumbing apprenticeships in Northern Ireland can be found at pmst.co.uk. Similarly those seeking to become carpenters and fitters can follow the same training path, and there are a number of courses available in these fields.

On the other hand, training for security and general services jobs in Derry is generally provided by the employer. While experience in customer service is useful for those applying for positions as security officers, all other training can be attained after employment. However it is possible for individuals to avail of training independently, as there are many private courses on offer. Courses of this kind are provided by companies such as Northern Ireland Seals, who can be contacted at niseals.co.uk.

Clearly training is very important for those employed in security, trades and general services jobs in Derry, whether it is provided before or after employment. Job listings for skilled and unskilled personnel can be found at nijobs.com.

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