Security, trades and general services jobs available in Cork

As Ireland's largest county, Cork contains a number of large urban areas. Those seeking security, trades and general services jobs in Cork are likely to find work of this kind in public buildings, offices and private homes throughout the county.

Cork city itself offers a wealth of opportunities to the jobseeker. Those seeking security positions may find employment in shops, shopping centres, educational establishments, office blocks and so on. While it may be possible to find security positions independently, the vast majority of roles of this type are filled through agencies. Typically security agencies supply trained and equipped staff to fill these positions. Therefore those looking for security jobs in Cork are advised to apply to local security agencies.

While many public buildings require security services, they also require maintenance and cleaning. Throughout Cork county and city there are hundreds of roles for general services staff. Cleaning jobs can vary according to location, but generally have similar job descriptions. Usually staff will be required to clean the public areas of a particular premises at least once daily. If the role is in an office building, this cleaning will generally take place after office hours, when the staff have gone home.

While many security, trades and general services jobs in Cork are offered through agencies, it is also possible to find job vacancies listed on job sites such as jobsearch.ie. Alternatively jobseekers looking for work in this area may wish to contact construction or service companies based in the Cork area directly.

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