Find Security Trades and General Services Jobs in Antrim

The county of Antrim holds two main population centres, Antrim town and the city of Belfast. Many buildings and premises in Belfast city and the various towns in Antrim require security and maintenance. Therefore there are many security trades and general services jobs available in Antrim.

If you are interested in working in general services you will usually have to apply to a services agency. Generally speaking, the majority of services jobs in office blocks, universities and public buildings are contracted to services agencies, who subsequently assign their employees to the various positions. This arrangement ensures that clients who require part time services only can avail of this, while the services staff themselves can complete their hours in another location.

Typically services jobs can be broken down into two categories - security and cleaning. Cleaning positions can be available through dedicated cleaning agencies or general services agencies. Various positions exist, including office cleaning, industrial cleaning, educational and campus cleaning, retail and shopping mall services etc. Experience is not essential for these positions and training is usually provided.

Those who are interested in security positions will also typically have to apply to an agency. Business owners prefer hiring security staff from reputable agencies as these groups will perform their own background checks on staff, and also provide them with all of the necessary training and equipment. Generally security agencies stipulate that applicants have no criminal convictions and that they provide information on their work and residential histories.

If you wish to apply for security trades and general services jobs in Antrim it is a good idea to contact agencies, such as noonan.ie.


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