Security officers jobs in London

According to the British Security Industry Association there are over 4.45 million CCTV cameras in the United Kingdom, many of which are strategically located throughout London. For every CCTV camera there needs to be one security officer to monitor the camera at all times to respond to any incidents.

You can find a variety of security officers jobs in London, such as airport security, door supervision, CCTV system monitoring, private security and corporate security guards. However, new regulations mean you need a relevant SIA licence before being considered for most security officers jobs in London.


Training an Requirements

Security officers are charged with the responsibility of ensuring public and work safety throughout London, so they also need to be fully trained to SIA standards to carry out required job responsibilities to the best of their abilities. Being licensed by the SIA means you're qualified as a security officer and your licence will prove this to potential employers; an improperly trained security guard can be a disaster for some companies, so they're not likely to hire you at all without your SIA licence.

You should expect to perform the following duties in security officers jobs in London, and should have some experiencing in performing them previously:

  • Patrolling building and premises and screening anyone who walks into the building (if required).
  • Monitoring activities on CCTV cameras, responding to observed incidents and investigating security concerns.
  • Search vehicles (some jobs only, such as London airport jobs) and supervising the search of people entering the airport.
  • Ensuring new security measures are put in place for security weaknesses and ensuring all staff adhere to new security procedures.
  • Correctly enforcing security procedures, i.e., correctly dealing with an incident and restraining a person.
  • Ensuring the safety of all employees, the public and goods.

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