Fantastic security officer vacancies in London

Security officer vacancies are everywhere in London. Whether you want to work in the retail, commercial or industrial sectors, there are numerous opportunities available. Areas in which you might be able to secure employment include shopping centres, airports, banks, apartment buildings and many more places require the services of security officers.

To work as a security officer in London you are required to obtain a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence in order to start working. You can achieve this qualification in many centres throughout the United Kingdom. You will have a trainer who holds a teaching qualification and is experienced in the security field. The trainer will attempt to transmit the contents of your SIA course material verbally, reinforced with practical scenarios to improve understanding.

The exams are usually sat on the last day of training. These exams are based on the training course materials provided on the first day of the course. You must pass both units of the SIA training course to achieve the qualification. Following SIA training and exams and subsequent receipt of your certificates by post, you can apply for SIA licence.

Once you have obtained the SIA licence, the job hunt begins. There are a wide variety of security officer jobs in London. You can find these jobs on recruitment websites or through local job centres which have many security positions available. One such example is to be found on totaljobs.com where a security position is offered at a salary of 23k and benefits. All holders of a SIA licence can apply. So, what are you waiting for? Obtain your licence as a security officer and start a career in security today.

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