Having an SIA Card can lead to security officer jobs in Calderdale

Looking for security officer jobs in Calderdale and the surrounding area can provide quite a few opportunities in several fields. There are patrolling positions, manager positions, site support/relief, retail security and corporate security, just to name a few.

How to Look for Security Officer Openings

Looking through the local newspaper can often provide a listing or two for job openings. The other, and probably the best way, to look for open security positions is to search over the internet. Entering the type of position you are seeking and the general location, you will be shown a good number of job openings. The openings will be listed with recruitment agencies, or on websites that list openings through many different agencies. Recruitment agencies will have job openings from many different employers so they are a good source to look at.

Where to Look in Particular

Websites such as jobstoday.co.uk carries job openings from local newspapers; indeed.co.uk, fish4jobs.co.uk and reed.co.uk all offer security job openings listed with multiple recruitment agencies. Also try uksecurityjobs.co.uk. Checking Advance Security at advancesecurity.co.uk and GS4 at gs4.com and clicking on the ‘Careers’ tab might very well provide the job you are looking for. There are many positions in the nearby communities of Lancashire, Leeds and Manchester.

Type of Salary to Expect

As will all new jobs, your starting salary will depend on your experience and the position you are hired for. Part time jobs in Calderdale pay the same as full time. Depending on the city, the pay can also vary, as is the case with corporate security positions, which range from £5.93 to £8.00 per hour. Retail security officers generally start at about £7.00 per hour. Most positions require that you have a valid SIA licence. Security officer jobs in Calderdale and the surrounding cities can be an excellent way to serve the community.


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