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Finding the latest security officer in Essex jobs requires patience and time. You can find the jobs advertised in a range of different places including local media, online and by word of mouth. You can also call into any security companies in the area with a CV and have a chat to one of the managers.

Security Services Essex in Braintree Enterprise Centre, Essex is one of the biggest security companies in the area. You can apply for positions with this company any time of the year providing you have an SIA licence. They regularly require new security guards for shops, buildings, car parks and for special events. You can send them your CV directly to their office or you can visit their website and upload your CV directly to them.

You can find loads of security officer in Essex jobs advertised online on job recruitment websites. A particularly good website to visit is jobisjob.co.uk. This is an easy to use site that even allows you to upload your CV directly for employers to find you.

To be a security officer in Essex you need to be an SIA license holder. Some companies will send you on this course prior to commencing employment but others will require you to already have the license. Working as a security officer, you can expect to earn anything from £5.50 to £7 per hour. Any employees working night shift will earn about £2 more per hour than those working during the day.

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