Security Officer Employment Opportunity in London: A Guide to the Options

Security officers in London make an average of £7.95 an hour. There are various options applicants can choose from when looking for a security officer employment opportunity. London security jobs can be found in many industries - retail, corporate and event security for example - and the shifts, hours and qualifications needed vary by position.

Corporate Security Jobs

Corporate security is probably the most common security officer employment opportunity in central London. Corporate positions often include some reception duties for large organisations and may involve conducting entry screening and searching on non-employees and visitors. Corporate security positions can be strictly 9 to 5 but many also require night shifts, overtime, weekend and bank holiday work.

Retail Security Jobs

Primarily focused on loss prevention, retail security jobs are available with many retailers in the London area. Security officers identify and apprehend shoplifters, in addition to handling potentially violent customer service situations and conflicts between customers. Positions involve frequent weekend and bank holiday work. Shops also employ officers to work the night shift, patrolling the store to prevent against burglaries.

Event Security Jobs

London is host to several premier league football teams, Wimbledon, and Lord's cricket ground. London also has numerous venues for concerts and events, such as the O2 arena. Event security jobs are available dealing with crowd control, door supervision, entry search and defusing violent incidents. Event security needs are dictated by the event, so the hours for these positions don't tend to be the traditional 9 to 5; lots of evening and weekend work is required.

Club Security Jobs

Club security officer positions - aka "bouncers" or "doormen" - are also available in the vibrant London nightlife scene. These positions require impeccable customer service skills to deal with intoxicated patrons, defusing conflict and removing violent customers. Typical hours for these positions are primarily evenings and weekends.

Desirable Security Qualifications

While not every security officer employment opportunity requires qualifications, London security jobs frequently ask for specific types of qualifications including First Aid or a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence in door supervision, CCTV public space surveillance or general security guard licensing.

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