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Despite the global recession that the UK find themselves in the security industry shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. This is due to the sensitive nature of the work carried out by thousands of companies in the UK which in turn means that security is always going to be a key element to their business. This is becoming more and more evident as we progress further into the digital age so there has never been a better time to look for security jobs in Wakefield.

Most people think security jobs are bouncing on club doors and in supermarkets but there are now openings in patrol based security, document and file security, telephone security, computer network security and these cover a multitude of industries so you have a great chance of forging a career in security.

For you to get a career in security the one most important thing for you to have is SIA licence. If you have not got one of these licenses we would advise you to get one as soon as you can so you can avail of these great positions.

A few companies you can take a look are the Cardinal Group who deliver dynamic and innovative security solutions and Calder security who lead the way in security solutions for homes and businesses. These offer good opportunities which could set you up nicely so check them out.

There is also a few websites you can check out to get your foot in the door. Jobisjob.co.uk and www.indeed.com are just two examples but they are the most popular. Salaries can be very rewarding in the security sector with salaries ranging from £20,000 to £40,000.

Also check out all Wakefield's local newspapers and keep an ear to the local radio because this will also further enhance your chances of getting security jobs in Wakefield.



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