Find security jobs in London, with no experience required

Despite the uncertain economic climate, security jobs in London, with no experience neccessary, remain an attractive proposition for jobseekers. Security covers a range of employment bases, serving industries as diverse as financial institutions and retail outlets to pubs and clubs. Although no experience is requited, full training will be provided. Employers will be looking to hire individuals they can trust and who will work hard.

What you should know before applying for London security work

Official figures vary but some estimates place the number of people working in Britain's security sector at upwards of 500,000. The overwhelming majority of these positions are based in London and the South East.

Applicants have a diverse choice of security jobs in London where no experience is necessary.

Door staff

London has a bustling nightlife so there are always outlets for door staff, in clubs, bars and many other institutions. The traditional image of scowling ‘bouncers’ has long given way to more customer-focused roles. People skills can be developed, and working in the capital offers the opportunity to interact with all sorts of individuals, ensuring their safety is paramount.

Any event drawing crowds will require dedicated security staff; if you happen to enjoy live music or comedy the backdrop will be an added bonus.

Retail security

High street shops must be ever vigilant against thieves. As well as employing store detectives, staff are employed who try to identify potential weakpoints in security systems. Premises require to be guarded 24 hours a day, so shiftwork, with its rewarding pay rates, is another attractive aspect of the work.

Large organisations like ASDA rely on having reliable security staff.

Technical security

All types of properties are targetted by criminals, so the installation of alarms is another area of security where the turnover is constant. Security firms will be looking for enthusiastic individuals who they can put through a training program.

While no experience is necessary for many security posts if you are willing to commit to the necessary background training you can pick up many competencies, particularly in developing knowledge of CCTV or IT systems.

Where exactly are the security vacancies in London?

The four major employers of security jobs in London with no experience are G4S, MITIE, Chubb and Reliance. While they will advertise vacancies in the press and in job centres, do take the initiative to forward them your CV. If you don't have specific experience, stress the personal qualities you could bring to a security post - integrity, honesty, willingness to learn and strong people skills.

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