Find security jobs in London - no experience required!

Security officer jobs in London can vary greatly. Positions are available in a variety of industries and businesses. While experience is an asset, there are a number of security officer jobs in London for which no experience is needed.

The vast majority of office blocks will require security officers. Many security jobs in London for which no experience is needed are jobs of this type. Security personnel are required to be present in the reception area of many office blocks, to ensure that no unauthorised individuals gain access to the building. They may also have to patrol the building during out-of-office hours, to guard against break-ins and vandalism. Jobs of this kind are classed as corporate security and they are quite common in London.

Other security jobs in London for which no experience is required, are available in stores throughout the city. High street shops are always in need of security personnel, to help protect against shoplifters and other potential issues. Generally security officers will be on duty during the day, keeping an eye on the merchandise in the store and preventing disruptive individuals from entering the premises.

If you would like to find security jobs in London where no experience is necessary, it is best to contact security agencies. Many agencies prefer if applicants have already obtained a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence. Information on how to attain this licence can be found at sia.homeoffice.gov.uk. However some security agencies may take on suitable applicants who do not already have an SIA licence, and help them to acquire one.

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