How to find the best security jobs in Hampshire

Since 9/11, security the world over has advanced by leaps and bounds. So much so, even security jobs in the UK have grown rapidly in number. In places outside the main cities like London and Manchester, professional security officers are still in high demand. Security jobs in Hampshire, for instance, increase every year and have higher expectations attached to them.

If you're one of those people looking for a security job in Hampshire, these online recruitment companies can place you in one of the best companies and offer you a great employment package.

jobsinhampshire.co.uk - One of the largest online recruitment businesses for jobs in Hampshire, here you'll find listings for security professionals in cities and towns as far afield as Portsmouth, Aldershot, Winchester and Southhampton. Search by type of job, location and salary.

churchillsecurityguards.com - Churchill Security Guards is a top-level recruitment company that places fully licensed and vetted security professionals in companies all over Hampshire. Fancy working in Portsmouth, Winchester, Basingstoke or Farnsborough? Complete an application form on Churchill Security Guard's website.

They prefer SIA licensed security personnel, you should have a clean driving license, and 10 years worth of employment or education history they can check.

uksecurityjobs.co.uk - Another top recruitment agency, UK Security Jobs can place you in a professional security job in Hampshire. Search their job listings and apply.

The interesting thing about this site is, every time someone applies for a job, the number of applicants listed next to the job increases. If you want less competition, apply for the jobs with fewer applicants. Don't mind competition? Apply for the more popular jobs.

Hospital Security Jobs in Hampshire - Don't forget too, hospital security jobs are often available in hospitals throughout Hampshire. Check out Southampton University Hospitals' website for job listings (suht.nhs.uk/home.aspx) or Portsmouth Hospitals at (porthosp.nhs.uk) and click on 'NHS Careers'.

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