Security Jobs in Dublin Airport: Job Description

Dublin Airport is a major international airport. In fact it is the largest on the island of Ireland. Last year 18.4 million passengers travelled through the airport, primarily to destinations in Europe and America. As is the case with airports all over the world, security is an extremely high priority in Dublin Airport. Therefore security jobs in Dublin Airport are offered regularly.

Those who work as security officers in airports must be observant, reliable and professional. They must be in good physical health and have excellent eyesight. Much of the day-to-day duties of a security officer involve scanning passengers and luggage using X-ray equipment, or checking passports and boarding passes. Attention to detail is therefore very important for all of these tasks. In order to improve the passenger experience when travelling through the airport however, those who hold security jobs in Dublin Airport must be considerate and friendly at all times. They should work to ensure that passengers can make their way through the airport with the minimum of disruption and hassle.

In order to be considered for one of the security jobs in Dublin Airport, candidates must pass a thorough background check. They are required to supply two forms of identification, for example a passport or birth certificate. They must also provide a full work history, covering the five years leading up to the application. Address information for a ten year period must also be supplied. All of this data and other details will be carefully examined before any job offer is finalised. Further information on security jobs in Dublin Airport can be found by accessing the careers section of the official Dublin Airport website, dublinairport.com/gns/about-us/careers.aspx, or by contacting recruitment agencies that specialise in security.

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