Find Security Jobs at Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport is one of the six British airports which are under the management of BAA, the British Airports Authority. BAA operates each of these airports using similar management plans, and all security jobs at Edinburgh Airport and the other locations within Britain are managed and advertised through BAA sites.

If you are interested in becoming a security officer at Edinburgh Airport, you must be in good physical condition and have excellent eyesight. The safety of passengers and staff within the airport depends on the vigilance of the security team, who must be on a constant alert for potential threats. Therefore security officers must be responsible and aware at all times, while remaining attentive to the needs of passengers and visitors to the airport.

The typical duties of those occupying security jobs at Edinburgh Airport include the scanning of passengers, packages and vehicles using X-ray equipment and other scanning tools. While security must be their primary concern, staff are expected to be courteous and friendly at all times. They must also be physically capable of standing and walking for long periods of time, whether manning security stations or patrolling the airport. Security staff will sometimes need to handle luggage and must have a full range of body movement. This is also important for security officers who are required to conduct body searches.

If you wish to apply for one of the security jobs at Edinburgh Airport you will be put through a full background security check. Training will be provided and applicants must be prepared to work in shifts on any day of the week and at any time. As both female and male security officers are required, positions are open to applicants of any gender. However some vacancies may be restricted to women or men only, depending on the needs of the security team. Further information can be found at http://www.edinburghairport.com.

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