Plan for the future with security jobs in Dublin Port

Dublin Port is owned and operated by Dublin Port Company and is Ireland's biggest seaport. Approximately two-thirds of all the island's port traffic goes through it, creating a large number and variety of security jobs in Dublin Port.

In addition to the ferry business, Dublin Port is the country's largest port for cruise ship visits with ships bringing 130,000 tourists and crew to the city last year.

In 2010 port volumes grew by over six percent. Dublin Port's success is due to its location at the heart of the largest concentration of population on the island and also to the exceptional connections to the national road and rail networks.

With continued growth projected and a variety of security jobs in Dublin Port to chose from, it is an ideal stop-off for jobseekers in the security industry.

Working in port security you have to check and cross check any possible security threat. Searches are conducted on passengers, passenger vehicles, passenger luggage aswell as freight and coaches. You are also required to ensure the integrity of all access and egress points to the port, buildings, and various locations within the port environment.

Security at Dublin Port is contracted by private security companies such as Paragon Security Services and Securitas. These companies provide the port with trained security personnel and specialist services.

Candidates need to be vigilant, helpful and work with complete integrity. Every one working in security jobs in Dublin Port must be screened and vetted before commencing work. If you are successful a dynamic, international and multilingual environment awaits you.

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