Have you got what it takes for a security job in Manchester?

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In a large city like Manchester, the security industry is absolutely massive. A security job in Manchester can be easily picked up with one of the many security firms in the city, who provide security services to a huge number of businesses, including shopping centres, nightlife venues and construction sites.

Security jobs are very demanding. To be considered for a position, you'll need to complete some training and gain an industry-approved qualification.

The SIA security guard license is the most widely recognised qualification in the security industry. You can complete the course with places including EDI, City & Guilds, HABC, NOCN and Edexcel. The basic course can be purchased for less than £100.

The duties of a security officer in Manchester vary greatly from industry to industry, and this is reflected in the various modules that the SIA security guard course comprises of. Health and safety, fire safety, searching methods, drugs awareness and civil and criminal law are just a few components of the course.

You'll find security jobs in Manchester in a wide range of places. Online recruitment agencies are an excellent source of vacancies and they can give you tons of help when you're looking for security jobs.

Websites, such as Job is Job, Total Jobs and Indeed, have hundreds of vacancies listed in security in Manchester. To apply for any of the positions you come across, you'll need to upload an up to date CV on the website. This will also put you in a position to be headhunted by the many employers in Manchester who use these sites.

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