Complete security industry training and walk into a job anywhere in the country

There are a number of different providers of security industry training. The biggest names in the business include Get Licenced, Train 2 Protect and AAB Training.

They run regular three day security courses in hotels and other venues around the country. Completing the course is the only way to get the credentials needed for working in the security industry.

The security industry is incredibly diverse and there are a number of different courses available. The security guard course gives you the skills to work as security guard in a number of businesses, such as shopping centres, airports and sports events. Modules in the security guard course include crowd control and event organising.

The doorman supervisor course will help you develop conflict resolution skills and gives an introduction to physical skills and escorting techniques, among other things.

The third option in security industry training is the CCTV operator course. Elements surrounding CCTV surveillance techniques and CCTV equipment operation and maintenance are dealt with on this course.

As you would expect, there's a strong overlap between the courses and many similar modules can be found in the different courses. Health and safety, fire awareness and emergency procedures are tackled on every course.

At the end of the course there's a short exam that must be passed to gain the SIA licence. It's really nothing to worry about and the pass rate is extremely high. Once you've completed the course, don't be afraid to ask your instructors about jobs in the industry, as they'll have an excellent knowledge of local security companies.


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