Security guard jobs in West Yorkshire are growing to meet industry demands

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As the economy gets worse the need to fill security guard jobs in West Yorkshire increases. When someone sees a security guard on duty, the person is less likely to attempt a crime. If you want to work as a security guard in the UK, you must have a valid licence.

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the organisation responsible for regulating the industry. One of it's main duties is the compulsory licensing of individuals working as security guards.

The SIA along with numerous accredited organisations conduct security guard training nation-wide. Security guard courses are usually for one day, and cost approximately £130. After training and a mandatory exam, it takes about six weeks to process a licence.

If you are already certified you can start researching online to find security companies in the area. Put together a CV and cover letter to send all the companies you are interested in. Many companies allow you to make a job application online via their websites. Be persistent, and try phoning or even calling in personally. Many companies which are not recruiting today may be looking for people next week.

Recruitment and temping agencies in West Yorkshire can help to fast track your way to employment. Local newspapers, radio stations and jobcentres advertise security guard vacancies as they arise.

Jobsites such as jobisjob.co.uk and jobrapido.co.uk have listings of current vacancies for security guards. They offer a job search and job by email service to suit candidates skills and requirements.

Over the last couple of years the quality and scope of security services has notably improved and the number of security guard jobs in West Yorkshire has increased. Security guard companies prefer to hire employees who are well-groomed, so it could be time to scrub up and start applying!

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