Security guard jobs in Dublin

Jobs as a security guard in Dublin are typically not that difficult to find. Because of the ever-present need for security, both at established business buildings and at construction sites, job vacancies are always popping up. The key is to know where to spot job vacancies.

To find security guard jobs in Dublin, searching online at job classified websites is a great idea. Take a look at two great Irish job boards below.

Jobs Ireland: This global job board has its own section for Ireland. Security guard jobs in Dublin range from door supervisors to personal bodyguard jobs at this website. Check often in order to be the first to apply for a new position (jobs.ie).

Security Jobs Ireland: As the name suggests, this website specialises in postings for security guard jobs all over Ireland (securityjobs.ie).

Here are a few security companies in Dublin to check for job vacancies.

Securitas: Securitas is one of the largest security companies in the world that makes its Irish headquarters in Dublin. Call or visit the office to ask about job opportunities and to apply for positions.

Securitas Security Services, Suite 8, Bracetown Business Park, Clonee, Dublin 15, Tel: +353-1-861 1150, Website: securitas.com/ie

G4S: Another international security powerhouse, this company also makes its Irish headquarters in the city of Dublin. Call or go to the office to enquire about job vacancies and to apply for newly posted positions.

51 Bracken Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18, Tel: +353 (01) 217 9100, Website: g4s.ie/en-ie

Other Options

Check the Dublin classifieds for security guard jobs in Dublin. There will certainly be something posted there. Other than that, you can try asking friends if they have any connections to help you.

Before Applying

Touch up that CV and add three good references to your CV. Be sure to highlight your personal sincerity, honesty and sense of duty in your CV; security positions require a high sense of duty, and companies want to know someone they can trust is being given that responsibility.

At the Interview

Dress business casual when you go to interview for a security guard position. Be clean shaven and make sure you look clean cut. Be respectful and outgoing at the interview. Good luck!

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