Securitas Employment Opportunity for a Career in Security

People, who like challenge and want to be an everyday hero, are always welcome to build their career with security agencies. And if you are like them, then Securitas will be your first choice. Securitas is the largest security service provider in different countries including United States. It is a Swedish security company which is operating in different countries since 1934. At present it has around 280000 employees. Only in the United States, they have around 100000 security officers who are working at different organizations. Career at Securitas is high rewarding and full of passion.

You can join in Securitas as security officer, security supervisor, energy service security officer, receptionist, fire fighter, fire inspector, armed security officer, patrol officer, emergency medical technician officer or as site coordinator. There are also managerial posts and executive officer posts at Securitas. “Integrity, vigilance and helpfulness” - that’s all Securitas is about.

Securitas provide security services for different industries as well as organizations. Their field is wide ranging from aviation, industrial or financial security to residential security services. There are thousands of clients and recruiters of Securitas from more than 45 countries. As Securitas is the leading security service provider in the Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia; therefore most of the well known companies and organizations of these areas are the recruiters of Securitas. And for that reason the expected salary is relatively higher at Securitas which is around $ 30000. But top grade officers receive higher than this.

Major industries and recruiters of Securitas services include - automobile giant Visteon Corporation, L’Oreal in France, Toyota Belgium, Iberomoldes in Portugal, and PepsiCo in Argentina etc.There are also other financial institutions like Budapest bank and Czech bank. Besides various power plants, public own companies, restaurants, aviation companies, air ports and transportation agencies are also recruiting Securitas services for their safety. For years, Securitas has bee serving them with skilled security officers, guards and supervisors.

So if you are looking to build your career with a Securitas employment opportunity, then there is plenty of opportunity for you. Working with Securitas is challenging and at the same time thrilling. Of course there is risk but at the same time the payment is also higher. Therefore you should not waste such opportunity to earn an exciting career with Securitas.



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