Secure some web design work experience

If you are interested in web design work experience, it's a good idea to start planning early. These placements are highly sought after and subsequently very competitive.

Where to find web design work experience

Few web design companies advertise work experience placements. You may find information on the websites of the individual companies (usually under the "Careers" or "Work for Us" section). In other cases, however, the best way to find work experience placements is to make a list of all the web design companies in your area that you would like to work for and then send them your CV and a letter asking about the possibility of arranging work experience. You should always try to address the letter to a person - "Dear Sir or Madam" is too impersonal and it is more likely that your letter will be ignored if it's not addressed to an individual.

How to organise web design work experience

When sending off the letter, ensure that you have included practical details like when you would like to intern and how long you would like the placement to last. Some companies will ask for further information from you - like a portfolio of your design work or details of your academic studies. You may also be called to interview - for which you should research the company and prepare answers.

What you need to get web design work experience

You won't require any qualifications or previous experience, but you should demonstrate passion and enthusiasm for web design. You should also have a creative flair and basic knowledge of web design.


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