Looking for secretarial jobs in Leeds?

If you're starting to get a little bit frustrated with your search for secretarial jobs in Leeds, then you certainly aren't alone. Every week we get countless emails from people up and down the country who are desperate to know exactly what they need in order to get started in a secretarial career. Well, it's no big secret, but we'll give you the full lowdown of everything that's required right here.

We'll get the first things out of the way first. In order to find secretarial jobs in Leeds you're going to need to have an excellent telephone manner, a fast typing speed of at least 70 words per minute (with a high degree of accuracy thrown in for good measure), the ability to work well under intense pressure, a strong knowledge of computer systems especially the Windows operating system, understanding of computer packages like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook, a very organised personality, a high level of punctuality and the ability to work well on your own initiative.

If you think you tick all those boxes, then you should be good to start your search for work in the secretarial sector. Entry level secretaries can usually expect to earn around £7.40 per hour, while more experienced secretaries (usually with five or more years worth of experience) should be able to earn as much as £9.80 per hour if working for a large company.

In order to find secretarial jobs, we recommend that you enquire, in person, at the following business hot spots in the Leeds area;

  • Leeds Innovation Centre, 103 Clarendon Road
  • Round Foundry Media Centre, Foundry  Street
  • Forsyth Business Centre, 117 The Headrow
  • Calls Wharf Serviced Offices, Calls Wharf, 2 The Calls


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