We give you the secrets of finding secretarial jobs and admin jobs in the UK

Now that things are finally starting to pick up a little in the UK's job market, the number of vacancies being listed across a wide number of industries and disciplines is increasing dramatically. However they are still as hotly contested as ever so you're still going to need a little help in order to maximise your chances of being successful in your search.

When it comes to finding secretarial jobs or admin jobs in the UK there are a number of things you should remember if you want to get yourself back into work as quickly as possible without all the stress normally associated with searching for work.

Firstly, experience and presentation is everything. If you have previous experience working in a secretarial or administrative role then you're already going to be on very good footing. You can make this even better for yourself by ensuring that your CV ticks all the boxes for prospective employers. To do this you need to ensure that it is professionally presented with no errors, and that it contains only the most relevant and recent information. There is very little point including that part time job you had twenty years ago while you were still in school because the likelihood is that it has absolutely no relevance to any future positions you are applying for.

Next, if you want to give yourself the absolute best chance of getting work, we recommend you leave it to the professionals. By that we mean you take a look at some of the great recruitment agencies throughout the country who specialise in administrative placement.

For the best chances of success, we recommend you take a look at the following websites: agencycentral.co.uk, jobagencies.com, office-angels.com and adecco.co.uk. By submitting your details to each of these you should find that you're getting offered positions very quickly indeed, and it won't be long before you're back in the rat race.

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