Secretarial administration positions

Secretarial administration job positions can have varying roles and tasks depending on your employer. The qualifications and relevant work experience you'll need to fill secretarial role will also be dependant on the employer's own preferences, but normally you need to have at least a good understanding of computers and office tasks.

Secretarial administration job requirements

Although secretarial administration positions will vary from employer to employer, usually most positions encompass the same key requirements.

Secretarial administration applicants will be required to assist in providing personal administration support to either the management team or the company as a whole; they're expected to organise administrative duties and activities as well as handle information.

Some of the key requirements of secretarial administration roles are:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to ensure smooth running of the office and administration tasks
  • Attention to detail as large amounts of information will usually be handled on a daily basis
  • Good planning and organisation skills
  • A customer service focused approach to work
  • Good stress management levels as workloads can often become trying
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to work with office staff and other members of the company

As a secretarial administrator, your main duties will normally be (depending on the employer):

  • Preparing and managing correspondence, such as reports and documents
  • Organise, confirm, manage to schedule appointments
  • Set up or maintain filing systems within the office
  • Liaising between internal and external contacts, usually as the point of first contact
  • Handle incoming mail, enquiries and other documents
  • Set-up work procedures
  • Maintain databases, office systems, office equipment and keep the office stocked
  • Provide information verbally and in writing to both customers and staff

Secretarial administration education

Some secretarial administration positions won't require you to have any qualifications, but this is rare and they will usually expect you to have relevant experience instead. You'll need to be educated to GCSE at least (with a C in Maths and English) and most companies will expect at least a year of experience in the role. Some companies may expect you to have, or be willing to complete, a typing competency test before you can work in the position.

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