Secondary school league tables 2013

The secondary school league tables for 2013 were just as avidly consulted as any previous year. The tables broke down pupil performances in terms of writing, reading and maths, set against the wider context of teaching, accommodation and other areas. In terms of focussing on specific areas such as, for instance, Newcastle, the statistics have proved a valuable source of information for parents.

Overview of secondary school league tables

The secondary school league tables in 2013 are a fundamental overview of how well any institution is performing. The public can get an opportunity to view every aspect of a school's performance and characteristics, as well as a complex set of background criteria, such as the amount spent on every pupil.

The figures for 2013 can be researched against the context of previous years dating right back to the secondary school league tables from 1994. This provides a snapshot of how well as school is performing, not just year from year, but over a longer timescale. Trends which might not be obvious in the space of 12 months can be seen clearly.

The total number of secondary schools covered in the 2013 league tables in England was 6,953, with the highest concentration in the South East. The tables display a range of fascinating statistics, including how pupils perform in Maths and English as a percentage of those gaining more than five A-C grades.

The top five ranked schools were:

1. Tauheedul Islam Girls High School, Blackburn (total score 91.18)

2. Rochester Grammar School, Medway (total score 89.55)

3. King Edward VI Handsworth School, Birmingham (total score 89.3)

4. Invicta Grammar School, Kent (total score 87.63)

5. Sutton Grammar School, Sutton (total score 87.24).

How will the secondary school tables look in future?

The secondary school league tables familiar in 2013 will appear quite different in a few years time. According to the Schools Minister David Laws, the tables in England are to undego considerable revamping. This is to discourage the over-emphasis on pupils achieving GCSE C-grades. From 2016 schools will be gauged on overall results in eight GCSE subjects.

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