Secondary school diploma for adults

Getting back into education when you've been away from studying for a while can be a daunting idea but a secondary school diploma for adults could make all the difference to your career so it should be considered.
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Back to school

Perhaps the most daunting element of returning to educational studies is the prospect of going back to school. Although a college will run evening classes that are tailored to working people, the idea of sitting in class might be putting you off and holding you back. An online course is probably the answer and the best known body for distance learning courses is the Open University.

Open University

These are the guys to approach about flexible part time courses. Each year millions of students use their high quality distance learning courses to better themselves and improve their career prospects. Their site open.ac.uk allows you to browse all the available courses and it's the best place to go if you've got questions about the way online education works through the Open University.

Types of courses available

In England, Northern Ireland and Wales, vocational or skills-relate courses are divided into 9 levels. In Scotland there are 12. As you'd expect, each higher level is more difficult than the previous one so you may need to seek advice from a teaching professional before deciding on which level is right for you. The most common levels undertaken by adults returning to education are A-levels and GCSEs.


The GCSE programme is designed for 14 to 16 year olds, but it's also available for mature students. Employers look for GCSE qualifications when they take on new workers so this is a level worth considering.


The next step up from a GCSE is an A level. The A-level is designed for those who want a deeper knowledge of a particular subject. It's ideal if you're looking to move into a new career because the qualifications are more specific than the equivalent GCSE.

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