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You don't have to be mad about sheep to work here, but it helps. In recent years, Scottish Borders jobs have tended to reflect the overwhelmingly rural nature of the area, since the decline of old mill towns like Galashiels and Hawick. There are some exceptions though, and a textile sector that is making a comeback.

Borders-based textile companies include Hawick Knitwear (hawickknitwear.com) manufacturing fine cashmere or merino garments for men and women. Lyle and Scott (lyleandscott.com), also based in Hawick, specialise in fashionable designer knitwear. Although vacancies in manufacturing are not plentiful, there are opportunities in marketing and retail, with the local knitwear industries enjoying a resurgence.

In engineering, Border Precision (borderprecision.com) is Scotland's leading precision engineering contract manufacturer. It presently employs 180 people in its base in Kelso. Details of vacancies and application procedures for jobs with the company can be obtained by emailing amay@borderprecision.ltd.uk.

In the public sector, the Scottish Borders Council (scotborders.gov.uk) is a major employer in the region. All of its vacancies are advertised on scotborders.myjobscotland.gov.uk, where you can apply direct for a broad range of council occupations.

Tourism remains an important part of the local economy, and a source of many Scottish Borders jobs. These can range from working at a 5 star spa resort like Stobo Castle (stobocastle.co.uk) to helping out at a local B and B or cafe. Check Gumtree (gumtree.com) and the local Borders press for details of hotel and restaurant work.


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