Finding the best Scotland job

If you are thinking of moving north of the border and setting up a new life for yourself in Scotland, then we are here to help with your employment prospects as we try to find you the best possible Scotland job. To achieve this aim, we have rounded up a few companies that always seem to be hiring in Scotland with the aim of hooking you up as quickly as possible, so let's check them out!

Despite the recent economic gloom, Scotland is rebounding quickly and there are plenty of places which are offering some fantastic career prospects. The first place we suggest you check out is the BBC in Scotland who are based in Glasgow. All the information on the roles that are available in Scotland and the qualifications you will need to get them can be found at bbc.co.uk/scotland. It isn't just journalism jobs that are catered for either, there are lots of more general admin roles also available!

If you are more of a technically minded person, then have you considered checking out a role with British energy? They have a massive base of operations in the Edinburgh area, and you can find them online at british-energy.com. They are always in the market for people in a variety of positions, so keep an eye out for what they are offering.

Have you always had an interest in cars? If so, then why not consider getting a job with Kwik-Fit at one of their many Scottish outlets? If you would like to find out more about their roles, then we recommend checking out their site at kwik-fit.com/home.asp.


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