Get on the employment fast-track with Scotland Careers Centres

Sometimes you need to admit you need support with kick-starting your career. In Scotland, Careers Centres are vital sources of guidance and inspiration.

Careers Scotland (careers-scotland.org.uk) helps with every stage of the process, from deciding on a career, through researching the requirements and applying for courses, training or jobs, right up to career development.

They can advise you on the location of your nearest Careers Centre. These facilities, with their familiar blue, green and white frontages are found throughout Scotland.

They offer free access to databases, internet job-search sites and expert guidance from their team of advisory staff. There is no need to make an appointment, simply turn up when you need to use the facilities.

For workers facing redundancy, Careers Centres can provide advice on how to to re-train, gain new skills and explore new career opportunities using their skills, experience and qualifications. The Scottish Government initiative, Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE), provides support and guidance on redundancy, and details are available at Careers Centres.

For those who prefer to conduct the bulk of their careers research online, My World Of Work (myworldofwork.skillsdevelopmentscotland.co.uk) is a brand-new website developed to help with everything from compiling a CV to making informed job-searches. It also includes interactive games and questionnaires to help you identify your career strengths and assets.

In time it will expand its resources and facilities, but already My World Of Work is a resource that can prove useful and effective to all job-seekers in Scotland with careers development in mind.


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