If you need to find science work experience, then you should check this out

If you're planning on working as a scientist, then it's likely that you'd benefit from having some work experience before you take the plunge and start looking for full time positions. If you're still studying, then you'll have the ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the subject during your summer holidays.

While many schools do provide facilities for students who wish to search for work placement during the off months, it is very possible that you're going to need to source a position yourself. Simply getting in touch with a company that you think you would be a good fit for and explaining to them that you would like a summer internship in order to build up experience should be enough in many cases.

You'll need to remember that there will be thousands of science students across the United Kingdom all looking for similar science work experience during their holidays though, so you're going to need to find a way to make your application stand out from the rest.

A good rule of thumb is just to be as honest as you can. If you can show that you have a genuine desire to work in the field, and are willing to back that up with your grades, then there is no reason for a company to turn you down. Since competition is high, you may find that numbers are limited to only the top students in any particular program - so if your grades aren't up to scratch, you might need to spend a little longer searching for a position that will take you on board.

You can find plenty of information about finding science work placements as well as general science education based topics on the following websites;

  • biochemistry.org
  • stfc.ac.uk
  • science-city.co.uk
  • gsk.com
  • forensic.gov.uk

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