Overview of schools in Newcastle upon Tyne

Located in Northumberland in England's North East region, Newcastle Upon Tyne originally has its roots in the ancient Roman settlement of Pons Aelius, becoming Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1080 following the construction of a castle by the Duke of Normandy.

Traditionally an industrial area, the city was a major area for coal mining in the past, however many of these mines have now closed and the city is known more for its business and bustling night life than anything else.

With a population of just under 200,000 living in the city itself, and a further 530,000 classed as living in the metropolitan areas surrounding it, the Newcastle Upon Tyne area is considerable, although not close to being one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom.

As you would expect from a region with this kind of population, there are a wide range of schools available, including primary, secondary and special schools - both state and independent. In total, the schools in the area are broken down as follows:

State Primary Schools - 76State Secondary Schools - 12State Special Schools - 4Independent Preparatory and Junior Schools - 7Independent Secondary Schools - 10Independent Special Schools - 2State Sixth Form and FE Colleges - 1

The area boasts a reasonable spread of quality between both state and independent schools, although somewhat understandably the top independent schools consistently out perform the top state ones.

The highest ranked State Primary schools in the area St. John Vianney RC Primary School, located in West Denton, and St. Teresa's Catholic Primary School, located on Heaton Road, both scoring 300 in the 2008 Key Stage 2.

For secondarys, St. Cuthbert's High School (767.2 points) and Gosforth High School (739.1 points) perform best when it comes to A-Level points, but neither can come close to the results found at independent secondarys Central Newcastle High School (909.4 points) or Royal Grammar School (903.6 points).

You can find more information about the schools in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area at www.schoolsnet.com.

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