Why you should enrol in the School of Educational Administration

The School of Educational Administration or SEA is an online distance-learning centre that offers three types of courses that offer individuals specialised skills for school efficiency and administration. IBM or the Institute of Business Management has provided validation for all three courses.

Types of Courses Available

Aspiring school administrators will benefit from the 2-month course on Work Management & Administration. An Educational Administration certification can, on the other hand, be completed in 1 year and is most suitable for bursars and administrators. A School Efficiency diploma programme is, however, helpful for bursars and administrators, as well as school managers. It may be completed in a year as well.

How Much Do You Have to Pay?

If you are interested in the 2-month course from SEA, you will only have to pay £199 plus VAT. If, later on, you decide to try for the National Certificate in Educational Administration, you may qualify for an exemption from SEA as well as a discount for later fees.

For national certification, you will have to pay approximately £998.75, which is already inclusive of VAT. Your tuition may, however, be discounted to £940 (also inclusive of VAT) if you choose to offer a single lump sum payment instead of paying by instalment.

If you are interested in the diploma course, its fee is available upon request. Moreover, this is a research-based course, with a tutor provided for every student. The School of Educational Administration especially designed this course to help senior school managers improve the efficiency of their management and operations.

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