Your Job is Served: School Dinner Lady Jobs in Birmingham

A job that has remained relatively stable and unchanged since we were in school ourselves is that of the school dinner lady. Jobs in Birmingham are no exception -- you just need to know where to look.

The old adage is often true -- it's not what you know, but who you know. Jobs that don't require formal schooling have become even more competitive and difficult to find since the recession set in. Stay at home mothers who didn't work previously have searched for part time opportunities to bring in some extra cash, and what could fit with the schedule better than working at the children's school. Consequently, school dinner lady jobs may not need to be advertised in a formal setting. Why waste valuable school resources advertising in the paper when you can post the advertisement at the school gates and receive a flood of applications?

You may think a "flood" is an over-exaggeration, but since Jamie Oliver's television series shone a spotlight on the school dinner lady, jobs in Birmingham and around the country have been much more highly sought after. In fact, so frenzied were the applications at one UK school, they were even featured in a national article for the Guardian, which noted the school's panic when the 200 applications for the position ran out within just a few hours.

To get an advantage in finding school dinner lady jobs in Birmingham, you will need to be proactive. Talk to the schools, network with existing dinner ladies, and try to find out about the jobs in advance. Drop off your CV or a letter of interest to schools in your area and check in occasionally to mention your availability. Even consider volunteering at the school so they know your work ethic and reliability. Be ready to apply as soon as a vacancy looks likely, and you will have a far better chance of getting that job.

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