All about Schlumberger careers

What is Schlumberger?

Schlumberger is a global company with operations in around 80 countries. They assist their clients and customers with sourcing and producing oil and gas. They also have a complex network of research facilities which together are working to find more environmentally friendly solutions to common mining and raw material acquiring problems. Schlumberger primarily operate in relation to: surface seismic to drilling, formation evaluation, well completion and stimulation services, production optimisation, reservoir studies, well construction and integrated project management. Schlumberger careers reflect these activities.

What is expected of Schlumberger staff members?

Schlumberger is a dynamic company which is at the cutting edge of energy development the world over. For this reason, it places a high level of importance on the recruitment of the right people. Schlumberger expects its staff to be enthusiastic and caring about the environment to support its eco objectives and it aspires to lead the world in energy sourcing and management and as such requires its staff to be innovative, dynamic and goal driven. Team players are a key part of the Schlumberger success and those with strong ethics and ideals about professional environments are welcomed.

What qualifications are needed for Schlumberger careers?

Schlumberger actively recruits around 5000 school, college or university leavers every year and has a general guide on required qualifications which can be found below. Remember that for specific jobs there may be different requirements so check each individual advert carefully. The guide below is to be used to as a general indication of levels only:

  1. Mechanics - high school diploma and an apprenticeship
  2. Technicians - high school diploma and an apprenticeship
  3. Specialists - three year college or university diploma
  4. Engineers - Bachelors' level degree
  5. Researcher - Masters' or PHD level degree


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