Types of Saturday Jobs for Sixteen Year Olds

As early as the age of thirteen, teenagers begin to look for jobs or sources of income. Most job opportunities are part time or weekend jobs. This is to reduce interference from weekday activities or school. These Saturday jobs year olds allow teens to earn and manage money on their own. These jobs enhance the work skills and attitude of teenagers while keeping them out of trouble. Teens can choose from various types of weekend jobs on Saturday's and many employers welcome them. For employers, they can manage flexible scheduling and lower pay rates for teens.

Family Business

This type of job works best when the teen’s parents or relatives have their own business. Aside from being familiar with the work environment and the people around them, it would be a great training ground for a teenager to learn the family business. The job roles could entail filing papers, answering calls, mailing letters and other office duties. This can lead to other opportunities such as supervising and managing.

Fast Food Restaurants

This is one of the most common Saturday or part time job for teenagers. Various fast food chains such as McDonalds tend to hire teenagers as their crew. This is due to their highly flexible work schedule. Also, hiring teens would mean cost efficiency for the company due to the lower rate paid. Weekends are usually the peak for fast food sales, so it is only fitting to hire teenagers for Saturdays. Teen employees can fill roles such as cashiers, dish washers or food handlers. Typical salary rates for these positions start at £6.75 per hour.

Baby Sitting

Being a baby sitter is one perfect Saturday job for teenagers. Parents who have children are sometimes in need of sitters during weekends. This is a great Saturday jobs year olds for females who enjoy dealing with kids. Aside from earning money, it would be a healthy routine for teenagers since they can develop communication skills, leadership and accountability skills. Typical baby sitting rates can range from £20 an hour to £50 for a night.


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