Check out some Saturday jobs Walsall

With the economy as it is today, it is easy to see why so many people are looking for extra cash with Saturday jobs. These types of jobs are especially great for students who need to earn money throughout the school year to help them with their tuition. If you are looking for Saturday jobs Walsall, then you are in luck. We will be discussing where you can look for this type of employment in your area.

Some great places to check out when you begin your Saturday job search, are the local supermarkets and shopping centres. These locations not only offer flexible hours, but they have a variety of different job positions available and you have the ability to earn between £5.50 to £6.00 per hour of your time.

The local supermarket is a good place to start looking for Saturday jobs. They have lots of different positions available, from working in the bakery helping make baked goods to helping with restocking merchandise on the shelves to working as a cashier and helping customers bagging their groceries. If this seems like something you would like to look into more, here are some local supermarkets you can check out:

Morrisons Store125 Lichfield StreetWalsall01922 725 665

Sainsbury's SupermarketsReedswood WayWalsall01922 726 172

If the supermarket is not really your thing, then why not take a look at the local shopping centre for a Saturday job. They have lots of stores, each selling a variety of things whether it has to do with cosmetics, fashion, electronics or music. A great local shopping centre to look at is Old Square Shopping Centre. They have stores ranging from Games Workshop to Savers and Old Square Jewellers to Jessops.

Old Square Shopping Centre 18 Old SquareWalsall01922 632 952

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