We take a look at the best approaches to finding Saturday jobs in Manchester

Despite the fact that it's still quite difficult to find full time work anywhere in the United Kingdom these days, finding part time work is getting to be an awful lot more straightforward. Thanks to the increased levels of consumer spending over the past few months, more and more retail stores are starting to supplement their existing core base of staff with part time employees to help ease the burden. These part time workers represent a much lower risk to businesses in terms of expenses than full time staff who may need to be paid redundancy should they need to be let go at any point in the future.

Even if that doesn't fill you with confidence regarding the security of any potential part time job, it does mean that finding Saturday jobs in Manchester is an awful lot easier these days. Whether you're a student looking to make a few pounds to last you through the week, or someone already in full time Monday to Friday employment looking for a little additional money to help with the bills, there are plenty of retail based Saturday jobs available in the Manchester area these days.

Rather than focusing on the internet job sites like many do, we recommend you get out and about with your CV and call into any stores that you think you might like to work in. Places like The Trafford Centre represent prime targets for anyone on the lookout for part time work due to the huge number of stores located within them. Another good bet is to call into your nearest Tesco, Asda or Iceland and ask for an application form - these companies are always on the look out for entry level staff to work on weekends and evenings.

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