Ideas to try when applying for Saturday jobs for 15 year olds

Still in school and looking to earn a little extra pocket money to help you fund a new games console or bike? Even if you are pretty young, there are still options for employment you can take on. In this blog we are going to run through what a few of your options are for Saturday jobs for 15 year olds.

As you are under 16, there are a number of legal limitations you will have to follow before you can get a job. Under 16's are not allowed to work more than two hours per day on weekdays and Sundays, while you can work for five hours on Saturdays. You aren't allowed to work before 7 am or after 7 pm. The rules are a little relaxed in the summer as you are allowed to work an eight hour shift on Saturdays.

This limits the amount of work that is available to you unfortunately. We recommend checking out any vacancies in your locality in supermarkets or even local corner shops as they may be far more willing to give you a shot once they know you. A paper round is another job that should be considered as it fits within the two hours per day range during term time.

There aren't many online resources for people of your age to check out for jobs, but we highly recommend taking a look at one guide that we think you will find helpful and you can find it at jobsfor15yearoldsguide.com/. This site contains information on how you can earn a little extra cash doing online surveys that are aimed at your age group, so there is easy money to be made!

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