5 best Saturday jobs

Saturday jobs are a good option for students or people who just want to earn a little extra cash. Although your job search can be a little daunting at first, these five sectors are excellent places to find weekend jobs...

Food and beverage weekend jobs - Bars and restaurants are at their busiest at the weekends, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights and Saturday afternoons. Whether you have hospitality experience or not, if you are willing to work at these times you shouldn't have any problems finding weekend work.

Retail weekend jobs - Saturday is traditionally the busiest shopping day, and many UK towns and cities have late night shopping on Fridays. If you are willing to work at these times, the retail industry could be for you.

Weekend call centre jobs - Modern companies are putting a bigger emphasis on customer service, and part of this is being open at times that are convenient to their customers. Many large companies offer 24/7 call centres, while others open during business hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Sports weekend jobs - The weekend is a time for leisure, and if you are a sports coach or trainer, it will probably be your busiest time. Another good place to find work is to try a large sports venue, like a football stadium. They require a large staff to manage the crowds.

Driving weekend jobs - no matter what day of the week it is, people need to travel and items need delivered. From taxi driving to delivering post, there are plenty of weekend opportunities in this industry.


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