Finding Salford jobs can be easier than you think

With the United Kingdom still very much struggling in many regions due to the continuing effects of the global financial crisis, there are still a number of places that have been worse affected than the rest. Much of Salford still falls into this category, however things are certainly starting to get a little better right now.

Those of you living in or around the Salford area who are searching for jobs will be pleased to know that things are looking increasingly bright for the region as companies, both local and from outside the area, are finally starting to build up enough confidence in the local and national market to start new recruitment drives once again.

However that doesn't mean that we'll all be finding high flying jobs any time soon - just getting back into the workforce should be the aim for now, and you'll be able to accomplish that by looking toward some of the biggest supermarket companies in the area.

While the jobs mostly include minimum wage (£5.93 per hour) positions such as till operator, store room work and shelf stockers, these companies are notable for their preference in promoting staff from within rather than looking to bring in external workers. Not only does this mean that their businesses retain a harmonious working environment, but that their employees are more than willing to to that extra mile in order to fulfil their job requirements and more on a daily basis.

We recommend you call into the following stores in person to see if they can help you end your search for Salford jobs today;

  • Tesco, 107-108 Mather Way
  • Sainsburys, 100 Regent Road
  • Lidl, 68 Fitzwarren Street
  • Iceland, 119-121 Mather Way
  • Morrisons, 7 Irwell Place


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