If you're interested in Salford City Council jobs then check this out

As the single biggest employer in Salford, the council is quickly becoming one of the most sought after employers in the area. With plenty of benefits, an equality policy and a wide enough range of positions to keep everyone interested, we're sure that you'll have plenty of reason to want to take up one of the many Salford City Council jobs around.

Where Salford City Council stands out from the rest of the employers in the Salford area is the fact that it is an all inclusive employer. Without resorting to reverse discrimination, where people suffering from disabilities are given preference for jobs, they have managed to create and excellent sense of quality in the workplace. All qualified disabled applicants are invited for interview, meaning that everyone has the same chance of success in their job search.

Those of you who aren't concerned with their disability policy might be interested in some of the fantastic benefits on offer to everyone working in Salford City Council jobs. You'll be entitled to between 26 and 33 days of annual leave per year, flexible working hours including the ability to utilise the flexi time system, voucher schemes that include childcare and optician visits, employee counselling services and much more.

On top of this you have to factor in just how varied the work in Salford City Council jobs can be. The council is responsible for many of the major community services from transport to planning permission to issuing death and birth notices, for example. So no two jobs are every entirely the same.

You can find out everything you need to know about Salford City Council jobs at yourcounciljobs.co.uk/Salford.

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