We take a look at why you should look at working for Salford City Council

In a time when there are very few jobs available and anti-social behaviour seems to be on the increase, it's not surprising that many people out there are starting to become interested in taking a look at some of the positions that could be available with Salford City Council. Not only will these roles offer you the chance to get out there and really do something to contribute to the community, but they will also offer up exciting new career paths for you.

The Salford City Council is the biggest employer in the city, which means it should be the first port of call for anyone on the lookout for a new job. The council oversees everything from planning permission to wedding licensing to birth and death notifications to local transport and just about everything in between.

The council is also an equal opportunity employer who guarantee that they will interview all disabled candidates who meet the minimum requirements for any job listing. This is great news for anyone in the area who is suffering with a disability but would like to get themselves back into the workplace.

The benefits offered by Salford City Council make it an even more enticing employment opportunity. You'll be able to take between 26-33 days annual leave, avail of their incremental salary structure, use flexi time to ensure that your work hours suit your needs, get a full government pension and also avail of a wide range of medical discount schemes.

For more information as well as the latest vacancies, check out yourcounciljobs.co.uk/Salford today.

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