Sales training: Cold calling tips

Many fear the technique of cold calling. It can seem intimidating; especially if you do not know what to do. Any successful sales training should teach about cold calling. Use some of these techniques to enhance your cold calling skills.

Understand Your Goal

Many beginners in cold calling believe that you focus on making a sale during the call. That is not the case. Instead, focus on getting an appointment with the prospect. An appointment provides you with the opportunity to pitch your product or service. As a general rule, people hate telemarketers. You are not a telemarketer. You simply want an appointment. Understand this, focus on it, succeed at it and you will find yourself one step ahead of many cold callers.

Do Your Homework

Before you ever make a call you should have knowledge about your prospect. Who are you calling? What is his or her job? How will your product or service enhance this company? A generic call for an appointment will not get your anywhere. Know the person you call. Gather information like name, position in the company, and what the company does. Make it personal.

Formulate an Outline

This outline should include all necessary information about your call. Include the information you research beforehand. Also, formulate a general outline of how you would like the call to go. Many cold callers can become sidetracked from the original purpose of the call. An outline will help keep you on track. Remember, your goal is not to sell, learn more about the company or talk about the weather. You have called to set an appointment.

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