Sales representative job description - the lowdown

Being a sales representative can be an exciting and challenging job. And if you are up to the challenge and are able to meet your targets then you can potentially earn a lot of money. If you are a good people-person and have the ability to make sales then you could be a success. Below is a comprehensive sales representative job description.

Job description

Being a sales rep requires a range of skills and characteristics. You need to be hard working, committed and have the right attitude. The primary activity on a sales representative job description is to sell products on behalf of the company you are working for. You will likely be assigned a territory in which to make these sales and given a specific monthly target to reach. You will likely be working as part of a team. You will also be responsible for placing any orders clients make, ensuring that the orders are delivered so that clients are completely satisfied with the products and service. The role also involves keeping accurate records of all sales and related activities. You will be responsible for promoting and marketing the sales company to existing and potential customers. One of the most important elements of the job is to develop and maintain a good working relationship with existing clients.

Additional Responsibilities

Additional responsibilities for a sales rep might include expanding the customer base for the company. This would involve sourcing new clients and developing relationships with them. You may also be asked to develop a database of potential clients through personal referrals, telephone canvassing and networking. You may also be required to follow up on initial contact with potential new customers.


Included in a sales representative job description will likely be the requirement to have experience. Many of the larger companies will require at least some sales experience. However you may be able to get a job without having much experience. If you are confident and can demonstrate that you can do a good job then this may be enough.

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