Sales and promotion jobs in Manchester

If you are looking for sales and promotion work based in Manchester and the surrounding regions, as well as keeping an eye on the most reliable sources of job vacancies, it's an essential idea to register with specialist employment agencies. The agencies mentioned below are among the best in the business.

Recruitment Agencies

CD Sales Recruitment

Specialising in sales and promotion jobs in London and Manchester (the locations of the company's two offices), CD Sales Recruitment has found positions for thousands of applicants in sales and marketing roles in diverse sectors including Healthcare, IT, Construction, and more traditionally Commercial industries. They are particularly focused on finding new career angles for experienced professional salespeople. Drop into their Manchester branch in the Digital World Centre at the Lowry Plaza, Salford Quays, Manchester (M50 3UB), or call them at 0161 601 4890.

Pareto Law

Claiming to be the UK's most successful sales and promotion development organisation, Pareto Law has forged a reputation among thousands of companies across the country with its innovative approach to recruitment in the sales business. They specialise in their graduate recruitment scheme, which is one of the best in the country. Interestingly, they also run respected sales workshops on behalf of their clients. Visit their offices in Wimslow, just outside Manchester, at Pareto House, Church Street (SK9 1AX), call 0500 36 38 40 or check out their website at pareto.co.uk.

Prime Time Recruitment

Although now recognised as one of the top cross-disciplinary employment agencies in Britain, with more than 100 offices in 60 locations, Prime Time Recruitment first specialised in permanent sales and promotion work, with one of its original 6 offices in Manchester - and they are still at the top of this game. To register with the sales department in Manchester, call 0161 831 1608, or visit primetime.co.uk for more information.

Other Resources

Of course, there are many other resources for finding sales and promotion jobs in Manchester besides the recruitment agencies mentioned above. These include the government's own excellent job hunting website located at jobseekers.direct.gov.uk, and the comprehensive sales specific commercial website simplysalesjobs.co.uk. Keep a keen eye on all of these resources and you'll find your ideal sales job in no time.

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