Find sales home based jobs

Do you like the sound of sales home based jobs? If you have the right skills, experience and personality, you could be a great fit for these exciting opportunities.

What do home based sales jobs involve?

Home based sales jobs are basically the same job as office based jobs. You will be required to sell a product or service either online or over the phone.

Why are these positions home based?

There are a number of reasons why employers might choose to offer a vacancy as a work from home position. These include:

  • Work from home jobs are more likely to attract candidates than office based jobs
  • Employers can save money on office space and associated utilities
  • Employers know that candidates may be willing to accept a slightly lower wage in exchange for the benefits associated with work from home jobs
  • Work from home staff are, on the whole, more productive then office based staff
  • Work from home staff tend to have a lower turnover rate than office based staff. This is particularly important in the telesales industry, where high turnover rates can be hugely problematic for businesses.

What qualifications and experience do I need to be considered for home based sales jobs?

While most telesales positions don't require any experience, due to the level of competition associated with work from home jobs, you might find it hard to secure a position without any. However, if you have the right personality and personal skills, you could still be successful in your job hunt.


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