Sales assistant jobs in Glasgow

Sales assistant jobs in Glasgow are one of the most sought after positions, especially by people in college. It is very difficult for college students to find work that pays well and they can fit into their schedule.

Sales assistant positions are generally pretty flexible. While you will be expected to work weekends you will also be able to work night time hours so you will still have time for study and college.

One of the best websites we have come across for jobs, especially part-time sales assistant roles has to be the Gumtree website. Gumtree is often looked at as more of a buy and sell magazine but they actually advertise work positions also.

Hit up the website and then click on the 'jobs' section. From here you can select the specific types of jobs and they area which you are most comfortable working. For example, select sales and then select Glasgow. The website will put together a list of all the available positions within the criteria provided.

A lot of companies and shops have started using Gumtree as a way to advertise the vacancies that they available. Now really is the perfect time to start using this fantastic website.

Once you have found a listing that suits you can link directly to their website and get an interview set up. This is a great way to make contact with lots of retails looking to increase their staff numbers.

When it comes to Sales assistant positions in Glasgow, Gumtree have you covered so check them out and get to work!

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