How to find sales and marketing jobs in Scotland

The modern economy has placed greater reliance on sales and marketing departments. Personnel with skills in these areas are prized, and, in a results-based industry, can expect to see success reflected in their salaries. Scotland's new electronics and light manufacturing companies are a particularly promising growth area for ambitious sales executives.

Start a job search at s1jobs.com, the largest employment site for vacancies in Scotland. There are regularly over 200 sales jobs featured on the site, covering a wide range of industries.

Typical sales and marketing posts might include a Sales Director for a pharmaceutical company, with a salary starting at £40,000, or a travel sales consultant with a salary of around £20,000 but with the possibility of earning commission.

The s1 site allows you to register, upload a CV, and arrange email alerts for relevant jobs. With your own account it's useful to browse the digest of new vacancies in your inbox, and fill in your applications immediately.

Scotcareers (scotcareers.co.uk) offers a comprehensive section of sales jobs in Scotland, with over 200 vacancies in a typical search. The site allows you to submit a CV for the attention of potential recruiters. The site's job hunting newsletter has useful tips on making effective applications.

The Scotsman newspaper (scotsman.com) was the traditional outlet for recruitment advertising in Scotland, and its website still contains plenty of vacancies for sales and marketing posts. It's an easy-to-use site, where you can narrow down your job searches for particular job titles and locations.

Sales and marketing professionals are expected to have a degree of confidence, so feel free to be assertive in your interviews. It might even help to regard a job interview as a sales pitch, with yourself as the product or service you are selling. Don't err on the side of brashness, but remember you are there to outshine the competition.

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