Use a salary calculator to plan finances

Using a salary calculator can work to your advantage especially when it comes to planning your monthly or annual budgets. Everyone knows that after deductions, your slice of the pie can become quite small. Have a look at how the salary calculator can help you plan your finances better and avoid unpleasant surprises.

A little help goes a long way

The salary calculator can assist you in many ways and that’s not only to know your net pay after deductions. Amongst other things, you can:

* Enter pre-tax deductions on donations (Gift Aid or Give as You Earn)

* Build in fixed monthly deductions

* Include payments on credit cards, overdrafts, car loans, student loans and mortgages

* Predict pay increases on promotions or if you plan on switching jobs

* Include government deductions to see a better picture of your finances

* Estimate your hourly, daily, weekly or monthly wage

* Work backwards to check how much you need to support a certain lifestyle

* Consolidate debts and loans

* Calculate taxes which are due to be paid or should be reimbursed back to you

  • Where to find a salary calculator

The best place to find a salary calculator is online. These financial tools can be found on The Salary Calculator (thesalarycalculator.co.uk). You can also check out Payscale (payscale.com), Salary Expert (salaryexpert.com), Salary (salary.com), and Cb Salary (cbsalary.com). These online tools are practical and convenient allowing you to check statistics which you will find useful in daily living, consolidating debts and mortgages or just checking how much you will earn if you are going to work in another country.

Indeed, the salary calculator is a nifty tool which is useful for professionals, job recruiters and seekers because it can provide an analysis of average and adjusted wages based on different criteria and factors. Check out Eurostat’s salary calculator at: epp.eurostat.ec.europa and compare your salary with the rest of Europe or the world.

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