Salaries in Qatar

Salaries in Qatar are actually very similar to those in most western countries but the lack of personal tax means that you’ll have more money in your pocket if you find work in Qatar. Depending on the job you’re looking for and the sorts of firms you’re interested in joining, you could find work that’s paid as a basic salary plus car allowance, housing bonus,medical cover and other benefits like airfare home or all-inclusive child care costs.
    Wikimedia commons - Ahmed Isse Haji


A lot of contract workers doing business in Qatar also get an indemnity payment at the end of their contract period. This is typically calculated on the basis of the worker’s salary minus bonuses. If you work in Qatar for a long period of time and you have an indemnity clausein your contract, the sum paid can be considerable. This is a requirement of Qatar’s law which means that expatriate workers are thanked for serving the state. Sometimes it’s known as an “end-of-contract benefit” or a “end-of-service benefit” and it’s normally paid 2 to 3 weeks after the end of the employment contract.


If you work for at least 5 years in Qatar, you could benefit from an end of service gratuity payment. The figure has to be agreed by the firm and the worker but it can’t be any less than 3 week’s payment. It’s normally calculated on a 30 days per year served basis and the last drawn basic wage is used to work out the amount.

Average salaries for the major professions

  • Project Manager in Construction – QR286,503
  • Mechanical Engineer – QR99,532
  • Accountant – QR48,279
  • Operations Manager – QR227,412
  • Electrical Engineer - QR84,000
  • Project Manager in IT – QR199,727
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – QR133,000
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering – QR183,126
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business – QR115,700
  • Bachelor of Engineering – QR84,000

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